• The Zofnat Institute for Organizational Consulting, Development, and Research

    The Zofnat Institute for organizational consulting, development and research was founded in 1985 by Prof. Israel Katz and other partners. At present, the staff consists of eighteen consultants from diverse backgrounds and three employees providing administrative support
    The theoretical framework which guides our work builds on both psychoanalytic and critical theories.  We are invested in developing the relationship between theory and practice both in terms of organizations and the consulting profession. Our work consists of consulting activities, training and guidance of professionals working in diverse settings, and action research. We carry a growing sense of the contribution of critical theories to the organizational setting. This perspective calls for tailored engagements designed uniquely for each of our clients and based on their needs.
    In our view, working as a team is a prerequisite for responsible consulting due to the complex character of this work that calls for ongoing discussion and clarification. Moreover, the staff functions as a professional community that works together in order to advance knowledge and promote the quality of work done in the field of consulting.
    While working with both the government and the private sector, a significant amount of our work is done with the public sector due to our dedication to social issues. Additionally, private services are made available to individuals such as managers and other professionals on issues which relate to the work place, professional development and the pursuit of knowledge.
    In addition to personal and organizational consulting, other activities include seminars, conferences, a division promoting welfare in organizations, research and ethnography and a publication house. Among other publications, the Zofnat Institute publishes a journal titled "Organizational Analysis". 
    About our name:
    Zofnat was the name that Pharaoh, the biblical king of Egypt, gave Joseph after deciphering his dreams:
    Pharaoh gave Joseph the name Zaphenath-Paneah and gave him Asenath daughter of Potiphera, priest of On, to be his wife. And Joseph went throughout the land of Egypt (Genesis 41:45).
    Additionally, Zofnat is the name of the girl to which Tirtzah Atar dedicates a chapter of poetry in her book "Moon City".